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Steve H
Awesome Deep Tissue I have been seeing Chantel monthly for over a year now. I work out a lot and she is very in tune with all my pain points. No matter what I throw at her she will use a combination of technics to work out my sore stiff muscles. I highly recommend Chantel to anyone needing a quality massage of any kind. Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Sports, Swedish, Relaxation; I have had them all over the last year. I’ve never been disappointed.
Mary Elise
Strong & therapeutic Chantal is a skilled professional who knows her craft; great hour massage. I can't wait to see her again next month.
Shayne W
A relief! I'm always glad when I visit Chantel. She is skilled and knowledgeable in her craft.
Lou Anne
Great massage I have been going to Chantel for 3 years and she is so good about listening to my needs/issues and then giving me just the right massage for me. Beautiful new location on Hero's Way!
Lou Anne
Great massage I have been going to Chantel for 3 years and she is so good about listening to my needs/issues and then giving me just the right massage for me. Beautiful new location on Hero's Way!
Best massage ever I’ve had massages at various locations in Cedar Park and Austin and without a doubt Chantel is the best masseuse around. A massage anywhere else by anyone else is a waste of time and money.
A+ Massage Amazing massage therapist and such a kind person!
Awesome Though not young, I’m new to having massages - Chantel has been so good that I keep scheduling more - her hands are magical!
Ben M
Ashiatsu session My first of this type of massage and it was terrific. Chantal was easy to talk to She laughed at my jokes. The technique was exceptional. What more could I ask but Another One!
Terry O
Best massage ever! Chantel is a true professional!
Anita C
bliss! Chantell is an amazing therapist, she put me completely at ease. It was easy to communicate what I was seeking and she did a wonderful job, the best massage I've had in ages!
Dona D
Chantel is the Best! Chantel Neill is the best massage therapist I have ever had! She is incredibly professional, and sensitive to the needs of her clients. If you are in need of pain relief, stress relief/relaxation - go see this wonderful woman. She will help!
Cherie P
Chantel Thank You I have never had an Ashiatsu massage before and I left feeling incredible. Thank you for tailoring the massage to my needs. I have not been pain free for as long as I was following your massage in many years. You are a healer for sure!
Lydia O
Fabulous Experience Chantel does a wonderful job.She knows how to tune into the areas and groups of muscles that need attention I highly recommend a session with her.
First Massage Female,70+ yrs., never had a massage before - Chantel was awesome!
Tammy DuP
Great Massage & Ashai Chantele provides excellent body work including deep tissue and I love, love the Ashai massage. She really listens to her clients and addresses their specific needs! Highly recommended.
Massage Chantel is simply amazing and having received massages for years find her the Best. Best service and price. Highly recommend Livewell Massage
Kim W
Massage Great experience. Will return!
Pam B
Message Excellent
Cheryl F
Simply amazing! Oh my...I am a tough case! Chantel introduced me to Ashiatsu massage and I LOVE this massage technique! Make an appointment to see her...your entire body will thank you!
Foot and calf Had 3 sessions and was able to get relief from heel pain.
Karen K
Wonderful Clean environment. Wonderful massage! Great experience. Will be back.
Diane C
WOW! Chantel is a great massage therapist! My experience was amazing & one of my top 3 EVER! I highly recommend her services!
Marilyn B
Asiatsu massage One of the best massages I have eve had
Best massage ever! All I can say is wow! I was left speechless. The massage was the best I ever had!I feel great! I will be back!
Sheri D
Excellent Massage! This is the best massage, such deep pressure, got knots out and felt totally relaxed. Sending my husband next!
Marty S
First time customer Very, very satisfied
Shirley C
GREAT EXPERIENCE VERY RELAXING, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, I told her I had a problem with swelling, the next day the selling was gone. Also my back and hips was much better.
Great Massage This was by far the best massage I have ever had. She is very good at her job!
Coleen F
Thanks Chantel After massage, body has never felt better. Will see you again soon!
Cindy M
Wonderful Massage I have had a lot of massages and Chantel is the best.
Cindy M
Wonderful Massage Chantel is the best.
Jessica P
Excellent! I love going to Chantel. She is amazing! Perfect pressure and I feel like butter every time I leave. She is so sweet and provides me with water to take with me after each session. It took me a while to find a massage therapist I wanted to stick with, but I am now forever loyal to Chantel.
Roger A
Great massage and Great masseuse Chantel is very good at relaxing your muscles and relieving everyday tensions that tighten your muscles. Every visit to her gets better and better I highly recommend that you try her and see for yourself.
Jade M
Enjoyed the experience Extremely relaxing, first time with this technique and found it to be amazing. Great massage!
Angelina U
Deep Ashiatsu Magic! I just had the most magical Deep Ashiatsu massage by Chantel. For those of you who have never had this wonderful experience, I highly recommend it. Chantel uses her masterful feet to get the most stubborn knots to release and finally relax. Deep Ashiatsu is like an artistic dance. It's a specialized art form and your body is the canvas. Chantel can work her magic on me anytime.
Excellent Excellent - my first ashiatsu massage and I couldn't be more pleased. If you like deep tissue massage you'll like this even better. Chantel was great, I'll be going back.
Paul G
Sara L
Gets the kinks out Chantel is amazing. She finds sore spots I never knew I had - and fixing them!
Tawnya Maphet
Excellent! Best massage experience I've had!
Great massage! Wonderful massage. Chantell is awesome, I can't wait to return.
Roy A
Great Wonderful massage!
miranda l
Great Experience! This was my first time getting a massage by Chantel! It was exactly what I needed. The pressure and technique we spot on. Thank you Chantel for the relaxing experience!
Deb C
Great treatment! Chantel was wonderful! I really liked the stones, hot towel and warm bed. Very relaxing!
Lovely experience Good massage, peaceful surroundings, lovely massage therapist. I recommend giving this one a try. I am glad I did.
Patsy P
Live Well MAssage & Bodywork WOW!!! Chantel is FANTASTIC! Five Stars-no question. She listened to what I had to say and addressed the needs I knew about and as she found more kinks, we worked those as well. I left feeling mentally and physically relaxed, ready to go again. She also suggested strategies to help me on a day to day basis. Can't say enough.
Carolyn B
Massage I highly recommend a everyone book your massage with Chantel; she is very knowledgeable, insightful, talented and effective! If it weren't for her, I would have had to see the doctor more often than not. Thank you Chantel, I am very grateful for all that you have done to/for me!
Mary L
Relaxation Had a very relaxaed massage. Chantel is very good at listening and catering to your needs. Will definitely book a massage again.
Pat C
So Relaxing This was one of the best massage I have ever had. After I got home I felt so clam and rested I told my husband he has to try Chanetel. I will be returning.
Judy A
THE place for great massages! Chantel is wonderful! She asks if there are areas that need work and she actually makes them better. She inquires, listens and makes you feel great. She is constantly learning new methods and suggesting ways to make you feel stronger and healthier. She offers many different modalities - my favorite so far is the foot powered or Ashiatsu massage... if you like deep pressure it's the way to go! I can't speak highly enough of Chantel! Try it... you're bound to like it!
Cindy L
Value title Best experience I have had Highly recommend.
tara K
Wonderful experience This was one of the best massages I have had in a long time! Will be back!
Marisa S
Wonderful massage/relaxing environment Chantel is a fantastic massage therapist who was able to get my whole body relaxed. She really worked out the kinks in my back and shoulders.
Marilyn B
Asiatsu massage One of the best massages I have eve had
Awesome What a great massage! Never had an ashiatsu massage before and it was awesome. Great pressure without the pain of a sharp elbow. Chantel was amazing. Applied just the right amount of pressure. Highly recommended.
Margaret (Peggy) B
Best ever! Very personable and listens to your massage needs. Never felt better.
roger a
Great massage therapist Chantel is the perfect massage therapist. She will adjust the pressure to suit the client. I feel great after the massage. I feel stronger and more energized. She listens to you and adjusts the session to take care of your problems. I had limited range of motion in my right shoulder and arm. She spent extra time and now I have much more motion w/o pain. Give her one appointment and you will be pleased.
Bryan F
Lower Back / Sacrum Wonderful results with Ashiatsu focusing on chronic lower back/sacrum/glut pain from a compression fracture.
Michael E
Massage Was skeptical about the foot massage but was pleasantly surprised
Denise M
Massage Review Chantel gets 2 thumbs up & 5 stars from me and I'm a tough customer! Literally & figuratively! My back and neck both have damage to them and she can get in those areas like no other! The ashiatsu massage is incredible. Nothe only is she masterful at what she does but extremely knowledgeable about the body & helps you with your trouble areas. Highly recommend her!!! 👍👍
Amazing Massage Therapist Chantel is absolutely an amazing and gifted massage therapist. I have seen many therapists over the years but she really knows her anatomy, address concerns while maintaining a relaxing session. Whatever your need is, she is the answer.
Christine E
Chantel Very unique massage. Chantel found spots that I didn't know it were an issue. Thanks Chantel
Delia L
Massage & Bodywork It was the most relaxing massage I have ever had. I felt absolutely relaxed and renewed.
Stephanie w
Awesome Relaxed
Lindsey N
Wonderful This was the best massage I've had in forever!! Chantel really addressed my most concerning areas! I will go back again for sure!!!!
Lisa H.
Wow! Wow! Great atmosphere and even better massage!  Chantel not only had me more relaxed than I've been in years, but was able to make my muscle pain completely disappear!  If you're searching for a knowledgeable, skillful massage therapist who truly care about you, search no more! Chantel is the best.

Chantel is awesome! I have never found anyone else that made me feel so at ease.  She listens and provides you with the best, probably most needed massage you can have!

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